Tint and Clear Bra

Clear bra is a thermoplastic, transparent, elastomeric polyurethane material that is applied to the painted surfaces of your car to prevent dings, scratches, or chips. Think of it like your car’s second skin, but it is completely transparent and virtually invisible, allowing the car’s beauty to shine through.

When it comes to beating the Southern Arizona heat and blocking damaging UV rays, clear bra paint protection is an excellent choice.

Car Paint Protection Film

Just like window tinting through automotive window films is a practical necessity in AZ to protect your car’s interior, a paint protection film can block UV rays and work wonders for the integrity and resilience of your vehicle’s paint and exterior.

Paint protection films like clear bra were actually first developed during the Vietnam War to help protect helicopter blades and exteriors from getting beat up and worn down by flying dirt and debris. It was then used on jet planes and in NASCAR before becoming available to the general public in the 1990s.

Clear bra paint protection film is not only long-lasting and resilient, but it also protects your hard-earned investment from the scratches, dents, fading, and dings that could otherwise hurt your vehicle’s resale value in the future.

Protect your Vehicle’s Paint

Clear bra installation can replace the need to do many costly or repetitive maintenance tasks, such as waxing, installing ceramic coatings, or choosing a vinyl wrap for paint protection. An added benefit is that clear bra does more than just protect your vehicle’s paint, but covers all aspects of your vehicle’s exterior.

Paint protection protects from fading, as well as rock chips and scratches. Quality clear bra actually has self healing properties, allowing a nick or scratch to fill in all on its own without the need for buffing.

Car with Clear Bra Protection Film

Benefits of Clear Bra Car Paint Protection

By now it’s clear how a paint protection film can protect and increase the longevity of your paint job, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Clear bra protects from chemical damage

The most common culprit of chemical damage to your car’s paint is bird poop, which contains uric acid and can actually burn a hole in vehicle paint. Paint protection film works as a sacrificial layer to take on the chemical damage before it reaches the paint.

Clear bra protects from erosion

Think of protection film like sunscreen for your car. Just like having your windows tinted, not only does it protect the outside, but can actually protect against damage inside the vehicle as well. Paint protection film helps to protect the metals under your hood from erosion, saving you big on repairs down the road.

Clear bra is easy to replace

If your clear bra does get worn down with years of damage, simply have it peeled off and replaced with no damage or residue left on your paint. Paint protection film is long-lasting, but not permanent solution, making it an excellent choice for replacement and prolonged protection.

Window Tints, Clear Bras, and more with Mil-Spec Liner®

Here at Mil-Spec Liner, we share with our spray-in bedliner dealers over 30 years of knowledge in the high-pressure coatings industry. We stand behind our product, as well as our dealers. Mil-Spec Liner® is a spray-on bedliner that is designed to be on the front lines of protecting your vehicle, which is why we back it up with a nationwide lifetime warranty on your truck bed.

No matter the job or the vehicle, you can trust Mil-Spec Liner to protect your investment.

We provide tactical spray liners for:

  • Work vans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Off Road Rigs
  • Overlanding Furniture & Cabinetry
  • Marine Applications

and more!

  • Socal Truck

    "Top-notch product and application process. We've compared it to Linex and Rhino Liner, the way the bed liner sticks and holds up to wear and tear is great in the long term. Texture is finer and it doesn't need to be overly thick in order to have the same strength as its competitors. Cost wise, the lack of franchise fees end up helping the customer in the end. We've had nothing but happy customers by applying their spray bed liner."

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  • Mary L.

    "Mil-Spec has been awesome to work with. The guys are there for any questions we have. We also appreciate their effort to help with our local marketing. Best bedliner out there!! Thanks guys for all your hard work."

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  • Sky D.

    "Mil-Spec spray in bed liner is one of the nicest and most clean looking bed liners on the market! I was using another product before my work switched, and I’m so glad we did! Phillip who works for Mil-Spec is the best guy to work with, on top of ordering material to give tech advice over the phone. So glad I was able to be trained the best in the business! You won’t regret spraying Mil-Spec bed liners!"

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  • Jason H.

    "The guys at Mil-Spec, Steele, Hunter, and Phillip are fantastic to work with. They know what Customer Service is all about and they take care of their customers. I would recommend their spray on bedliner system to anyone!"

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